English Speech & Drama

Kindergarteners English Speech & Drama singapore

Our Speech and Drama Programme aims to develop children to be articulate and fluent in their speech and carry themselves confidently in public.

Children often look forward to the classes as they will be taken on a journey that will inspire their imaginations and channel their energy in a productive way. They will also be encouraged to solve problems, respect each other and gain confidence as they stretch beyond preconceived limitations. The classes are fun, energetic and great for developing social skills.

Objectives of the Speech and Drama Programme are:
• To foster a more positive and confident self image
• To have an outlet for emotion, thoughts and dreams
• To promote an enjoyment of language
• To be more articulate and express oneself confidently
• To fully express oneself verbally and physically
• To build a strong command of language

Activities in the English Speech and Drama Programme include:

• Tongue Twisters
• Thematic Activities
• Vocal training and Pronunciation exercises
• Dramatization
• Role Play
• Poetry and Story Telling
• Pantomime
• Choral Recitation
• Improvisations
• Show and Tell